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LEAP Deeper 🌼 1 Day Retreat 19/11

Sunday 19 November 2023 van 10:00 tot 17:00

Kostverlorenweg 1, 1183 TM Amstelveen, Nederland

Over dit evenement

Feel welcome to join this wonderful Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process -> LEAP Deeper 🌼 1-day retreat 🌼 held in a lovely studio close to nature on the edge of Amsterdam (Amstelveen).

You'll receive 2 Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process (LEAP) sessions this day. This being a profound invitation to fully experience yourself, the dark and the light, the comfortable and the uncomfortable parts. A day in which you are invited more deeply into the Awareness of what is Present in your Heart. Taking another step into freely and joyfully embracing your authentic expression.

These days are always so transformative and magical, and I feel that this time it will be nothing less. You'll be experiencing this day in a small group (max. 13) of beautiful souls like you in which we truly connect, with our own heart, expanding it out to each other and all around. Flowing through this day together as One.

It’s a chance to dive deeply within your Being, surrounded by nature, nourished by good food, supported in a nurturing environment in which you're held with Love and acceptance.

A delicious light and plant based lunch, tea and nourishing snacks are included. For whoever wishes there is also the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful walk in nature surrounding the studio, to digest & integrate 🌿

So happy to share this day full of Wonder with you!🕊

LEAP (Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process) is a direct transmission of life force energy that naturally activates a profound self-awakening process, often also called kundalini awakening.

Kundalini is one of the names given to the powerful, creative and divine life force energy that’s inside every human being. However, it often lies dormant in us; we only tap into a limited part of it.

​But once awakened, a profound rewiring of the brain structure and central nervous system happens with continued exposure, bringing about more conscious awareness. This rewiring enables a deep healing and transformation that is so often unattainable by other means.

The process is grounded in the science of vibration, creating shifts through the different brainwaves and internal processes, peeling away layers of our conditioned mental limitations and stagnation that build up over time (through traumatic experiences or within deeply rooted conditionings).

LEAP brings about exactly what your system needs in the moment – guiding you to step back into your authentic power, into the remembrance of your essence, into more flow, fulfillment and joy of existence.

For more information about LEAP you can watch the video's or read more on the website: www.lifeforce-leap.com

⭐️ WHEN ⭐️
Sunday 19th of November 10:00 - 17:00h (10AM-5PM)

⭐️ WHERE ⭐️
Kostverlorenweg 1, Amstelveen

€222 incl. 21% VAT

P.S. This day will be in English if non-Dutch speakers join, and otherwise it will be given in Dutch.

Feel so welcome to ask your questions by sending an email to hello@robinerkel.com

Sunday 19 November 2023 van 10:00 tot 17:00

Kostverlorenweg 1, 1183 TM Amstelveen, Nederland

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Over de organisatie

“Wake up to the miracle of being Alive, finding true sanctuary within.”

LEAP is a direct transmission of life force energy that naturally activates a profound self-awakening process ~ a dance of oneness ~ whole and free.


Jeanne Werkhoven

LEAP Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process (Amsterdam)

Robin is echt geweldig, een soort engel op aarde en tegelijk zo gegrond.

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LEAP Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process (Amsterdam)

Loved the awakening and energy of Robin. Group was very big (guess around 20 people). I got distracted by some people screaming and crying so loud. However, this had nothing to do with Robin.

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LEAP Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process (Amsterdam)

Amazing. Robin is such a great facilitator. Loved this session.

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LEAP Deeper 🌼 1 Day Retreat 19/11

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