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'Embrace your Life Story' - Day Retreat in the forest

Sunday 19 November 2023 van 10:00 tot 16:00

Oeverlicht, Steile Oever 7, 7731 PP Ommen, Nederland

Over dit evenement


This day retreat is inspired by the beautiful location of this event, because it is so close to where I was born. The house is in the middle of the forest where I had an infinite amount of wanderings and forest baths ever since I was a little girl. This forest is where I feel most at home, so this event feels very special and personal and it is a dream that comes true; to bring all the magic I got to experience elsewhere, back 'home'!

So this day we will make an ode to your persona; embracing the story of your life. There are so many conscious events where the attention lies in bringing you 'beyond your ego and personality', non-attachment and transcending, but this day I wanna work with loving your human story:
...How can you bring love to all parts, even the ones that caused you trouble, that brought you pain?
...How can you learn to love yourself a little more?
...How can you learn to feel safe feeling your feelings?
...How can you bring up compassion for yourself, which is oftentimes way more simple to raise for others?

We're gonna work with:
- writing
- inner child work
- meditation
- constellation
- singing
- sharing (transformational presence)
- authentic expression

Expect to go a little out of your comfort zone, to think less and feel more. Honouring the silence, but also celebrate your personality.

The program starts at 10.00 and will end at 16.00, vegan lunch, snacks and tea included.

My name is Tessa de Lange, I am an actress and a conscious content creator on Instagram. I am born in the Netherlands. If you wanna know more about me, check out my Instagram @tessadelange - I felt a huge call to bring everything I learned back home, honouring my roots and community.

My way of working is very grounded, but yet deeply spiritual. Everything I teach is a lived experience, which makes my work very personal and embodied; understandable and yet sensible.
I have a background in teaching vinyasa yoga, yin, aerial yoga and meditations. I've hosted silent retreats and I guide people in their spiritual development.

I want to make this event accessible for everyone, that's why I offer it in English. But because the location is in the Netherlands there is a possibility that the day retreat will be in Dutch if there are only Dutch speaking persons ofcourse ;) If English is a problem for you, then there are always ways to make a combination. Let the language barrier not stop your inspiration. We'll find a way!

The Retreat will be in the heart of the forest where I grew up. The location is called 'Oeverlicht'. You can find more info at their website:

EARLY BIRD (till 22 October) tickets are 111 euro's for the whole day.
BUY HERE: https://tessadelange.eventgoose.com/

Join me on this adventure...
- If you long for inspiration
- If you wanna ignite your inner fire
- If you feel like spending quality time with yourself
- If you have a curiosity towards spirituality
- If you just like my vibe and wanna hang out with me for a full day adventure

... so if you feel a spark of YES, then I encourage you to dive into the adventure with me!

I am beyond thrilled and excited for this thing !!!

See you there!
Biggest hug,


Sunday 19 November 2023 van 10:00 tot 16:00

Oeverlicht, Steile Oever 7, 7731 PP Ommen, Nederland

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Over de organisatie

“The magic is beyond the mind.”

reflections - realness - reminders

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'Embrace your Life Story' - Day Retreat in the forest

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