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Divine Feminine Embodiment Retreat (with plant medicine journeying)

Friday 12 April 2024 om 12:00 tot Sunday 14 April 2024 om 15:00

Overdiemerweg 13, 1111 PN Diemen, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

After 3 sold out weekend series, “Divine Feminine Embodiment” emerges as a 3 day retreat~

3 days of sisterhood, softness, divinity, creativity and so much magic!

Imagine yourself in a Sisterhood Love Bubble, in the middle of beautiful nature. Where we get to join in sacred space and temple together, create deep and life-long connections, heal and expand together, play and celebrate life!

This retreat is a juicy, playful, soft, soulful and transformative one!


The Divine Feminine means embracing our own Divinity as Goddesses walking this planet.

Goddess is she who says “yes” to all her feminine qualities.

She is all Archetypes at once. She is the incarnation of the female power. She is the chaos and the calm, birth and death, the beginning, the end and the rebirth.

When the Divine Feminine call you forth, it could look like:

A full body orgasmic yes

A fearful no~ this is too big for me

A judgmental thought, often creating a story of separation

She knows you, sees you and embraces you.

And she challenges you…

When we embrace the Divine Feminine, we dare to embody the fulness of who we truly are.

We dare be the soft river and the tsunami, we embody the candle fire and the volcano.

We take pride and pleasure in our sensuality and wild nature.

We live our Truths, the truth of our Sacred Heart.

We will journey in rituals and embodiment practices with the 6 Archetypes and Embodiments of the Divine Feminine, held by soft sacred plant medicines.

Eternal Queen
Wild Woman
Mother Creatrix
Sacred Tantrika
Mystic Priestess

✨✨ Eternal Queen ✨✨
Brings clarity and power to face challenges, aligns deeply to integrity honesty and sovereignty, activates the expression of authentic self, alchemizes heart and power, confidence and presence. Shows how to lead from heart, head, and womb.

✨✨ Wild Woman✨✨
Heals past traumas and restores our voice, our power, and our own authority. Teaches us how to listen to nature, and move from our instincts, impulse and intuition. Trust in knowing your power and place.

✨✨ Mother Creatrix ✨✨
Heals inner child, mother wounds, ancestor trauma and deepens our connection to our innate body wisdom, natural rhythms, and more feminine- aligned ways of creating in the world. Deepens our connection to creativity, and the divine force of creating- bringing forth visions into manifestations.

✨✨ Warrioress✨✨
Gives us the strength to find our voice, speak our truth, set strong boundaries, stand in our knowings, stay soul-aligned and manifest our deepest desires into the physical world.

✨✨ Sacred Tantrika ✨✨
Heals our relationship to our bodies, our feminine nature, our beauty and our sexuality so that we may experience more love, bliss, vibrancy and joy in every aspect of our lives.

✨✨ Mystic Priestess ✨✨
Awakens us to the experience and embodiment of mystical truths, higher states of being and divine consciousness. She opens and guides us toward a soul-aligned life that's in accordance with our deepest, truest, and fullest selves.

🪷Plant medicines:

Rape’h is a traditional Amazonian powdered snuff that brings the receiver the opportunity to drop into meditation and stillness, clarity and power. Rape’h may induce heightened awareness, mental focus, clarity, deeper meditation, cleansing, grounding, emotional and energetic release, spiritual insight.
Rape’h brings a surrender, and charges our heart with our authentic power. A potent alchemy!

🪷 Blue Lotus
This divine euphoric elixir was very sacred to the Ancient Egyptians where rituals were held in temples only amongst a few. The blue lotus brings about euphoric and blissful states, connecting our sensuality to our heart- a powerful merge that opens hidden realms within the body, as a vehicle for beyond.

🍫 Cacao
Ceremonial cacao is a powerful tool to dive deeper into our soul, our most inner self. A warm embrace of love in our chest and root- opening to deeper presences, softness, and clarity in areas of love, purpose, intuitive abilities and personal growth.
Cacao is a healer, with her boost of energy and creativity, she enhances the process of healing that is there- bringing it all back to the Here & Now- in deep love and support.

🍄 Microdose truffle:
Truffles are intelligent spirits that bring about so much wisdom and healing, allowing us to see beyond the veil of illusion, expanding our heart and merging with your third eye. An alchemy of manifestation!
A truffle microdose increases feelings of well-being, happiness, positivity, and connection to spiritual guidance and divinity.
It also promotes a sense of calmness and relaxation, enhances creativity, insightfulness, and introspection, allowing for a deeper understanding of ourself and emotions.

We will have
* Morning practice (with the intention of waking up our kundalini to support more openness and life force energy during the retreat)
* Deeper archetypal journeys and embodiments- where we will play as these Archetypes so we can truly embody them- going deeper and getting to really alchemise them in our fullness
* Tantric rituals to awaken, honour, and worship the Goddess within us, and within our sisters. (Deep ceremonial work!)
* Shamanic journey to travel deeper within ourselves, connect deeper, and receive insights and wisdom. Alchemical work.
* Temple night where we will let our feminine free, to express, to be… think of I as a really fun, sexy, playful sister sleepover party!
* Womb sounding and voice liberation emotional release

and a whole lot of magic!

As an alchemy of Tantra, Spirituality, and Shamanism~ this retreat draws wisdom from these healing disciplines as compasses to guide us to our essence, once all the layers have shed. And when we make contact with our authentic self, we move from that impulse, our inner most truth into known and unknown.

We move in guidance of something bigger holding us, walking us back home.

(You need no previous experience in any of these disciplines. (like tantra or the soft plant medicines)

The work is really an alchemy of fusion and most often moving with the group field and depth.

What is required is simply an open heart and an anchor in your intention… truly)


Through journeying in this retreat, you will:

* Connect to your deep primal feminine power
* Gain a framework for exploration, healing, and growth
* Embrace your shadow and shed some layers
* Embody the fullness of your femininity
* Dare to speak, to be, to roar
* Learn to trust the mystery, and be guided by her
* Establish a deeper connection with plant medicines, learn their wisdom and guidance
* Imprint a deeper sense of spirituality and connection to the Divine
* Learn about the light and shadow parts in each archetype and gain powerful insights
* Heal the sisterhood wound
* Lead your life from the truth of your heart
* Bring deep acceptance and an unapologetic self love
* Activate an immense space of receptivity within you
* Learn life-long tools and practices

Energy exchange: 555€

+ Bonus
* Working with Moon Magic course for FREE( valued at 133€)- you will learn the energies of New and Full Moon, and how to create rituals with elements, Goddesses, seasons...

* Emotional Mastery course for FREE (valued at 111€ ) Master your emotions and alchemise them- thesis extremely powerful work moving you from being controlled by your emotions to recognising them, and cleansing your channel to be a free open channel to higher wisdom.

- The purchase of your ticket is non-refundable.

🪷 Testimonials:
“Sandi is a loving and supportive Goddess. She leads with grace, and has a beautiful energy that allows one to melt into the heart of their own being.

" She has a soft fierceness about her- I felt safe and strong in her presence, and her passion to support the divine feminine comes across in her words, actions, and the energy she gives off. A medicine woman, she takes care to hold sacred space for you.” Amanda

" We started with the Mother x Cacao archetype. What a powerful session it was. And it was only 2 hours! I cannot imagine how the retreat would be. I loved it because it was perfectly led from a heartfelt channeled theory, to practices, play and expression with a vulnerable finish. You could feel the shift and essence of the group as we transitioned through the whole experience. It was amazing and powerful. I felt held, safe to learn and express sacred rage/anger, and our primal state in a way I never knew was possible. It taught me to be conscious of how I too could run into my dark mother shadows of over loving others over myself and how that could play out. So much awareness!" Isabel

“This feels very real and practical, not to mention fun and helpful. and under all the reality, a lot of magic is happening. The mirroring effect was very clear and strong within the circle and we all found ourselves in each other, even though we were strangers. I can’t wait to join more events as Sandi really helps organize the chaotic female power in me.” Suzie

Read more on:

Friday 12 April 2024 om 12:00 tot Sunday 14 April 2024 om 15:00

Overdiemerweg 13, 1111 PN Diemen, Netherlands

Over de organisatie

“"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are" ”

Women Circles * Kambô Ceremonies * Sacred Ceremonies


Kelsey Van Uden

Divine Feminine Embodiment Retreat (with plant medicine journeying)

I attended the divine feminine embodiment retreat. It was a amazing experience. I learnt so much and really came out of my comfort zone. Sandi has a great energy and helps you to be your crazy and magical self! I really can't describe the feeling of freedom and coming back in to my own power that this retreat give me! I highly recomment to feel it yourself! and surely would join again!🙏🏼

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Kambô Ceremony 20/01

I really enjoyed the Kambo ceremonie hosted by Sandi. The experience is intense, but it was a wonderful experience to connect with the medicin and feel its power. Sandi provides a safe and comfortable environment allowing you to easily surrender to the experience. The singing was an absolute delight! :-) The day following the ceremonie I felt cleansed, connected and grounded. Highly recommended!

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Yoga Dance Series~ Elements, Archetypes & Plant Medicines

I had a chance to attend 4 women circles lead by Sandi. What an amazing journey it was. So fulfilling, so magical, so opening and deepening. It has been a very special experience to share the space with wonderful sisters and to learn from them. The way Sandi works is very unique, creative, deep but also so fun and playful. Every time it is a very beautiful experience. Deeply grateful!

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Divine Feminine Embodiment Retreat (with plant medicine journeying)

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