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Ode aan de yoni: Vrouwen Tempel weekend

Friday 24 May 2024 om 10:00 tot Sunday 26 May 2024 om 17:00

Helvoirt, 5268 Helvoirt, Netherlands

Over dit evenement


After three beautiful Temple weekends we feel super inspired to organise the Fourth Temple weekend in 2024. With a beautiful group of women we will dive into the sweet nectar of our feminine essence 💜

Most probably this edition will again be in English. All the Dutch participants felt very comfortable with this. If there's no non-Dutchies applying, we will of course do it in Dutch.

Another weekend full of sensuality, femininity, softness, intimacy and pleasure.
A weekend for women, who are deeply connected with themselves and feel a desire to connect from this place with other sisters. A weekend rich of pleasure, softness, intimacy and revelations.

Those days will be filled with
- tantric massage
- Taoist rituals
- wheel of consent
- sensual dance
- sensual oil play
- Temple Night
- and more, or less, you decide!

We will create a space where desires may become reality. Where shame and limiting thoughts can melt away and where we will hold each other in softness and acceptance

For who?
Women that long for:
- more intimacy with sisters
- a softening weekend where time can stand still and pleasure and joy are central
- a deepening meeting with the sensual feminine in yourself
- unshame your pleasurable self
- bring innocence back to intimacy with each other
- a bath full of YIN energy
- being held and seen in your desires

This retreat is for women that already joined in a yoni retreat OR for women that already sank deeper in their personal journey of embodying their femininity and sensuality.
(If you didn’t partake in a yoni retreat, please contact us so we can feel together if the retreat matches).

This weekend will also take place at Avani, a beautiful location surrounded by trees.

Abundant support a sister: 888
Standard: 777
Low income: 666
Supported by abundant sister: 444

These prices are including a bed inside.
Private room is 250 for 2 nights (possibility for 2 women).

Will you be there?

Lots of love,
Imaya & Maartje

Bij het boeken ga je akkoord met onze algemene voorwaarden:

Friday 24 May 2024 om 10:00 tot Sunday 26 May 2024 om 17:00

Helvoirt, 5268 Helvoirt, Netherlands

Reserveer je spots!

Koop je tickets direct via Hipsy. Na betaling is je deelname definitief en ontvang je je tickets per e-mail.

Over de organisatie

Voor het omarmen van ons sensitieve zijn.

In samenwerking met



Geleide Yoni Ei practice

Imaya’s begeleiding was perfect, het was zo intens fijn om uit mijn hoofd in mijn lichaam te zakken. Heerlijke ontspannen avond, ik zou dit iedere vrouw aanraden.

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Guided Tao Tantric Feminine Embodiment and Yoni Egg practice

Heel fijne begeleiding, zowel als je al meer ervaring hebt en je ervaring wil verdiepen, als wanneer het een eerste ervaring is.

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Maartje Derks

Geleide Yoni Ei practice

Super fijne, zachte begeleiding. heerlijk kunnen zakken in mijn lijf & verbinding gemaakt met mijn Yoni.

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1. Choose your tickets
Abundant - Support a Sister

If you live in abundance and want to support a sister that has no / little income: with your ticket another sister can join for half price.

€ 888,80
Including € 0,80 service fee

€ 777,80
Including € 0,80 service fee
Low Income (<1000 pm)

If you have an income below 1000 per month you may chose this ticket

€ 666,80
Including € 0,80 service fee
Supported by Abundant Sister

Mmmm when another sister living in abundance bought this ticket, a woman with no or very little income can chose this ticket

€ 444,80
Including € 0,80 service fee
Not available
Private Room Almost sold out

You will have a private room with your own bathroom.

€ 250,80
Including € 0,80 service fee
Duo Ticket

Want to join this weekend with a sister / friend? Yeay! This ticket is for 2.

€ 1.400,80
Including € 0,80 service fee
Transaction costs :
€ 0,00
€ 0,00
Ode aan de yoni: Vrouwen Tempel weekend

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