potluck/live music/drum circle @Transport Artspace (LBB)

Zaterdag 05 februari 2022 van 18:00 tot 23:00

Landbouwbelang, Biesenwal 3, 6211 AD Maastricht, Nederland

Over dit evenement

We have another special evening coming up, here's the program!

18:00 Vegan potluck, bring your own food to share (without animal products) and don't forget to bring your own plate as well:)

19:00 Live music by Flow&Aborë
Already start to move your body to some magical music which will also be perfect for after dinner dip therapy! ;)

The composotions and interpretations of Flow are sublimed by the tender and wild arrangements of Aborë. Their hearts sing with a subtle mix of traditional instruments (didgeridoo, flûte, tibetan bowl, guitar) and electronicals sounds sampled here and there, catching the atmosphere of a flowing river or a busy street. It is an organic/machine fusio,two universes superposed, so different and close at the same time, to offer a sound trip colouful and stirring.

21:00 Drum circle
Bring a drum and make some noise or dance without fear/hesitation! During this part of the evening you can either decide to join the drums or dance to the drums, ofcourse you can also switch multiple times but it's essential that everyone joins this proces of dancing and making music so we can keep the energy flowing!

23:00 Wind down/closing ceremony
After the hopefully intense and high energy's created by this primal dance/drum circle there is some time to arrive back into your body and let all the experiences sink in.

Bring a drum and come for free! If you have a (big) drum you can come for free. In this case send an email to psychedmaastricht@gmail.com. Ofcourse you are welcome to still bring a cash donation or get a ticket anyways to support our events!

Important notes:
- Please be on time! The events we do are always nice to start together. Wether this is a meditation, Potluck, ceremony or ecstatic dance, everyone's participation is valuable and we always create the vibe together. This is why we consider arriving late as unrespectefull towards the things we like to create. Please keep this in mind!
- We like to keep the natural high so discourage the use of drugs. If you like to bring drinks etc you are ofcourse free to do so but we would like to ask you to take your waste home with you.
- We work with low ticket pricess to keep it accesible for everyone. Community is our core value but in order to keep doing these wonderfull things a decent donation is always very welcome, you can also always bring something extra in cash
- Please bring your own mug for the Tea (which is free)

More instructions to find the spot will be sent after signing up/getting your tickets.

Zaterdag 05 februari 2022 van 18:00 tot 23:00

Landbouwbelang, Biesenwal 3, 6211 AD Maastricht, Nederland

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Over de organisatie

Creating spaces of freedom, expression and exploration through a large range of events like ecstatic dance, retreats, meditation and all sorts of workshops! Please let us know when there is anything you would like to share with the world! We value the power of community, connection and openness and welcome anyone who likes to join our events! Our core value is respect, for ourselves, eachother and the world we inhabit.

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potluck/live music/drum circle @Transport Artspace (LBB)

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