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Tantra Retreat: the 7 steps of awakening

Saturday 23 September 2023 om 14:30 tot Sunday 24 September 2023 om 21:30

Gaia center, Bergwegplantsoen 10z, 3037 SK Rotterdam, Nederland

Over dit evenement

Tantra Retreat: 7 steps of awakening

Teachers: Vishv & Yasmin Gaia (in English – Max 16 participants)

The connection with yourself and the other in a tantric journey of discovery.

Tantra Retreat: 7 steps of awakening is dedicated to beginners and also to ones who have already experience with tantra and want to broaden it up to all 7 levels. During this two day retreat you will travel through the 7 steps towards your authentic self. We offer a introduction two days before the retreat. This two day retreat is about connecting, first with yourself and awaken trough the 7 steps. The more deeply you are connected with yourself, the more authenticity and vulnerability appear. From who we are, we can connect intimately with others. Authentic Relating is about showing yourself without masks, peeling back all the layers of our conditioned mind.

TANTRA: “7 steps of awakening” by Vishv

Step 1 (1st chakra): RED TANTRA Awakening of the Body/ Embodiment
Tantric pulsations – the awakening of ecstatic body, an ancient technique of monks healing the body, eliminating blocks and clamps
Step 2 (2nd chakra): ORANGE TANTRA Awakening of Sexuality
Tantric breathing – the awakening of sexuality!
Step 3 (3d chakra): YELLOW TANTRA Emotional Release
Sound and emotional expression – expressing from authenticity
Step 4 (4th chakra): GREEN TANTRA Awakening of Love
Anahata tantra – opening the flow of unconditional love
Step 5 (5th chakra): BLUE TANTRA Kundalini Awakening
Tantra kundalini – awakening of boundless fiery power
Step 6 (6th chakra): INDIGO TANTRA – Introduction to Tantric Sex
Tantric sex – the art of non-contact interaction
Step 7 (7th chakra): WHITE TANTRA Awakening of Collective Consciousness
Tantra vipassana – techniques of purification and expansion of consciousness

We guide you with the 7 steps of awakening and authentic relating exercises to open your heart and leave the stories of mind behind. The focus is on discovery, playfulness, introspection and sharing. During this tantra retreat we will practice and use both male and female energy on the levels.

Tools we will use:
Dynamic and kundalini meditation
Trance dance
Healing trough sound
Tantric rituals
Tantric breathing
Healing of relationships with past partners
Who I am meditation on remembering yourself, dropping masks
Waterfall of love – emotionally healing meditation
Heart to heart connection
Expanding and liberating exercises

Meet your teachers
Your teachers are Vishv and Yasmin. With their warm energy they welcome you to the retreat. With an approach of respecting personal boundaries, directing attention to the disclosure of the potential of each participant. Vishv studied in the tradition of teachers such as Osho, Hubbard, Ronald Lafayette, Stanislav Grof, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He has many years of teaching experience worldwide. Yasmin studied at Hridaya with teachers such as Ramana Maharshi, Arja Hendrikx, Chris van der Weide. She has experience teaching tantra workshops. She is a Reiki master, yogateacher and masseuse teacher. They both have a devoted attitude towards the preservation of the purity of tantric practices.

Do you feel a YES to immerge yourself in this two day retreat with a 24 hour break for integration. This allows you to fully integrate the tantra experience. It brings dept to this two day retreat.

Tantra introduction 21st of September
Is Tantra completely new to you or would you like to know more about the retreat. On the thursday before the retreat we will give you an introduction!

Date, time and investment:

Introduction Tantra
21st of September 19:30-21:00
Investment: 20,-

Tantra Retreat: 7 stept of awakening
23rd of September 14:00-16:00
24rd of September 14:00-22:00
Investment: 290,-
* The price includes dinner, snacks and tea.

Where: Gaia Center, Bergwegplantsoen 10z, Rotterdam

Saturday 23 September 2023 om 14:30 tot Sunday 24 September 2023 om 21:30

Gaia center, Bergwegplantsoen 10z, 3037 SK Rotterdam, Nederland

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Over de organisatie

“Kom thuis in jezelf”

Gaia centrum is een plek om thuis te komen in jezelf. De boom vertegenwoordigt het centrum van Gaia. Stevige wortels en ook de takken spreiden zich ho


Esther Kokje-Jongste

Reiki circle

Mijn eerste reiki cirkel Fijn

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Channeling creativity

Ik vond het een hele fijne ervaring. Jasmin nam alle tijd voor ons en ik voelde me heel veilig door haar aandacht. Zeker voor herhaling vatbaar.

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Tantra Retreat Ticket

Tantra Retreat: 7 steps of awakening 23rd of September 14:30-21:30 24rd of September 14:30-21:30 Investment: 290,- * The price includes dinner, snacks and tea. ** This retreat will be given in English - Max 16 participants

€ 290,80
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Tantra Retreat: the 7 steps of awakening

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